new website layout almost done

prismadesign new layout... for now

WTH?! yeah, I have a new layout. But it's just for now. I am planning a complete republish of my website next month. It's not gonna be based on blogger anymore. I am right now looking for a host with mysql and php. There's one thing I am able to tell you right now: Prismadesign is going big! Stay tuned.

Frank Augustin Architekt, website will be published on monday

Here's a preview:

website about to launch is about to be launched. The AGB is still missing. Here is a preview:

The Cube @ Licht und Schatten, Q(R)ube

semesterentwurf, done

AArctic research station, one step beyond, concept

work in progress... senseo coffee mashine

new desktop again

visual, research station, second attempt

visual, research station, first attempt

new desktop

new technics ;)

Toshiba 42" (107 cm) 1920x1080 Pixel 16:9 Format HD ready 1080p - 24fps

chicago, a dream

I can't believe it!!!

What you are about to see is an evolutionary development of linux... Steam via Wine runs w/o any problems ;)


I am now able to blog directly from my sony ericsson P1i ;)

Renderings Semesterentwurf

Bauko Beleg

Beleg sem II Architekturgeschichte

[St. Pauls Cathedral, London]

kernmodul sem II


new logo

erster auftrag sanierung balkon

licht seminar

review sem I

e-kurs sem I

random II

random I

halo 2 running on xp

OK, listen up... Halo 2 a great game, officially only running on Vista... does run on xp, too. A friend of mine and I just found a little workaround. If you'd just try to install Halo 2 on xp the installer crashes with an error message. U can bypass this by using a tool, found on noumerous torrent sites. Here is a little screen of the installation process. Halo 2 currently only runs in campaign mode only, we are (right now) tryin to figure out a way to play it via lan, too.

waitin to take off

Well now... In a few weeks I am gonna go to Chicago... afterwards I am gonna move to Weimar... study architecture at Bauhaus university... have a good one?!! I dunno, kinda tryin not to get bored till then ;)